I love my Aprilaire model 700A but I have a GPM question.

Consumer question:

We had a 700A model humidifier installed about 5 months ago and it seems to work well. I am trying to find what the Gallons Per Minute (GPM) input is when the humidifier is running. I cannot find this information anywhere in the data sheets. It says that the drainage should be (as I calculated it from the FAQ) to be 0.05 to 0.1 GPM but not the input to the humidifier (I would assume this to be more than 0.1 GPM). What should the 700A humidifier be consuming in water input?


Aprilaires' response:

Hello Nick,

Thank you for contacting us. The feed rate for your humidifier is a 6 gallon per hour feed rate to the distribution tray. You should be able to fill a quart jar in 2.5 minutes to the distribution tray or fill a quart jar in 2 minutes 50 seconds for the water coming out of the drain of the humidifier. Is the humidifier mounted on the return or supply side of the furnace? Do you have a hot or cold water supplying the humidifier? The evaporative capacity for the humidifier is dependant on how much heat you are supplying to the humidifier. Supplying cold to a humidifier water mounted on the supply side get you a .75 gallons per hour evaporation, and supplying hot water to a humidifier mounted on the supply side gives you an evaporation rate of .9 gallons per hour. If you have any other questions please contact us at 800-334-6011. Thank you


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