Faulty wire connection?

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Hi: I have the 8570 thermostat pn 61000229 rev c with a 700a humidifier; ADHC model 58; 61000501 rev b.
The adhc is wired to the 8570 for activation. The supplied outside sensor is also used. It works but intermittenly the 8570 screen goes blank while operating and causes the adhc "call dealer for service" light. the E4 code appears on the adhc. I had the heating tech out for annual service and could not find anything wrong. The only other symtom that I noticed was it occurs in the temp range freezing or above. During continous freezing weather, it did not seem to need to be reset as much.
I have rechecked the wiring between the 8570 and adhc and it is correct. The intermitten screen blank on the 8570 makes me believe that either the unit is faulty or an intermitten power loss.  Any thoughts?


Aprilaires' response:

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The description you have given us sounds as though there is a problem with the communication between the 8570 thermostat and the model 58 humidistat. You may want to recheck that all the connections at the ADHC and 8570 are snug, including the sensor to the outdoors. If the connections are snug and the fault reoccurs, you may remove the "A" and "B" wires between them and determine if the fault reappears. If it does not then the problem would probably be a broken wire.

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