Replacement question on my Aprilaire Humidifier

Consumer question:

I plan on replacing my (2) 760 Humidifiers with two new 700 humidifiers and would like to receive installation instructions, particularly the wiring. Can you assist – I could not find anything on the site.


Aprilaires' response:

The 700 would be the correct replacement for the 760 humidifier. They are the same size and fit into same opening in the ductwork. The only difference would be how they wire into the humidistat. Also, each humidistat installs differently from each other.

All installation instructions come with the humidifier and humidistat.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Replacement question on my Aprilaire Humidifier

  1. pdeclerck

    I recently had a AprilAire humidistat failure. I was grateful that the model 4655 was available so I could just pop it in without modifying the house. Much to my dismay the mounting screws, on the 4655, are in a different location from my broken Humidistat. How did this design change happen? Everything looks the same old versus new humidistat except the mounting screw location….

    1. aprilaireadmin

      Thank you for your comment regarding our Aprilaire manual humidistat. We have offered a variety of manual humidistats over the years. The current model, the 4655 has been the model since October 2007. It’s possible you have the previous version , our model 4016 which was a slightly different design. Therefore, the mounting holes would not line up.

      Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of assistance.


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