Model 800 has 3 sets of capacity, which one is right for me?

Consumer question:

My house is 6000sq ft. What capacity should my Aprilaire model 800 humidifier unit be set to, 11.5,20.5,or 23.3 gallons per day? Also how do I know what its set at now? I cant seem to get it about 37% humidity. I have a digital new thermostat.

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for your email regarding your model 800 Aprilaire steam humidifier. Your model 800 can work with a 110, 208 or 240 volt power supply. The higher the voltage, the higher the gallons per day output. A power supply of 240 will produce 23.3 gallons per day. A home of 6000 sq. ft with 8" ceilings would typical need 23- 25 gallons per day. Your HVAC installer would know how they sized your home for humidification and what power supply they used. As long as your thermostat has dry contacts, it may be used to control humidification from your model 800. We ask for you to please contact them to discuss how they have wired your system.

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