What does the Heating icon on my Aprilaire thermostat model 8363 mean?

Consumer question:

Owner’s Manual of my Aprilaire model 8363 thermostat does not reference the "Heating" icon on display. The Safety and Installation Manual seems to imply that when "Heating" appears on screen, there may be a problem. System and t-stat appear to be ok. Problem or not?

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting Aprilaire regarding your Aprilaire product.

The "heating" icon you reference is only an indication that the thermostat is attempting to turn on the heat. If this icon were to be flashing and there was no heat being produced, there may be a problem with the heating equipment, the furnace. Otherwise there is no problem.

9 thoughts on “What does the Heating icon on my Aprilaire thermostat model 8363 mean?

  1. George Wang

    I have a one-unit two-zone control system (6202) and two thermostats (8363).
    The thermostat at second floor sometimes shows ‘heating’ icon flashing but there is no heat produced. This does not always happen, seems only on cold nights.
    The thermostat at first floor works all the time.
    Could this be a problem with the thermostat or the control system?

  2. Joe

    I own an Aprilaire 8363 and only when it is really cold out does it flash "heat" and not turn on the heat. But when I turn the thermostat off and on the heat kicks back in. The flashing "heat" does not go away. By really cold I mean teens to single digit temperatures. Why does it do this?

  3. craig Lerum

    I m thinking my aprilaire unit is putting out too much moisture-the wall mount adjustment is no longer working with the unit-how else is it adjustable?

  4. Roy

    Thank you for the question. I do need to get more information regarding the red and black wire. Do you know where the go in the furnace? Are there identifiable terminal labels that they are attached to? If you can relay this information to us we can better explain where the Red and Black wires would go.

  5. Roy

    Thank you for the question regarding the Aprilaire humidifier control.

    The only control for the humidifier is through the humidistat, on your wall. I would recommend that you contact you local HVAC contractor to replace the humidistat, and inspect the rest of the components, for proper operation.

    Thank you for using the Aprilaire line of products in your home comfort system.

  6. Kim Gombold

    We have an Aprilaire Thermostat. We use this in our office condo. We have one downstairs and one upstairs. The downstairs seems to be working fine. The upstairs Therostat is set to a certain temp and it will somehow override itself and sometimes the heat will go to 80. This seems to be happening several times a day. I have changed the batteries and reprogrammed it-nothing seems to help. Any ideas?

    1. aprilaireadmin

      Thank you for contacting us regarding your thermostat. I know the original thread was about a model 8363 thermostat and I would like to verify that this is the same thermostat you are using. Do you know the size of the HVAC equipment in the office? It sounds like the unit is overshooting your heating set point. Does the thermostat itself set to 80* or is the heat just getting that high?

      I can help you further once I know more about the systems.


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