My Aprilaire is putting out to much humidity, so I lowered my controller…

Consumer question:
My humidifier was set at 7 and put too much condensation on my windows so I turned it down to 4. The condensationis just minimal now, so that’s good, but the numbers don’t match. When it\’s set to 4, my readings upstairs shows 36%. I thought setting 4 was 25% to 30%. Also, ideally I would like the humidity in the 40s. Is there something wrong with the settings? Is the 700 model too large for my 1500sf townhome? Its the one my hvac guy installed with new furnace. Any help you can give is appreciated. Thank you.

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us. The setting 4 should equate to approximately 30%. Is the control mounted on the return? If so this might explain the different readings. The 700 has a large evaporative capacity however if you install a unit with excess capacity it usually just runs less.

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