Questions on my Aprilaire model 560 Humidifier

Consumer question:

I am a new condo owner and I own an AprilAire 560 Humidifier which is installed down in the basement of the condo with my furnace. Recently something went wrong with it and there is a lot of water leaking. I had to turn the water off. I had 2 questions:
a. How do I turn the humidifier off? I want to be sure it is not on when the water is off. This would just waste electricity. I cannot seem to find the switch. Can you email me an old manual for this model?

b. How do I fix a water leak like this? Is it likely I just need to replace a part, or do I need to replace the whole unit? If the whole unit, what dealers do you have near me?
If a part, how do you recommend I get that done?

my daughter has mild asthma and we also have 2 babies so I’d appreciate your getting back to me asap so I can get this done.

ps how old is the 560 model? are parts still even sold for it? I could not tell how old it was.

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us with regards to your model 560 Humidifier. This model is off as long as the humidistat’s control knob is turned down all the way. It will not call for additional humidity in this position, but there is no other power switch. Manuals can be found at:

Based on the information provided, it’s not clear where the leak formed. There are several parts that the water passes through to reach the humidifier, the solenoid valve, feed tube, water distribution tray, water panel, scale control insert and drain line. You could try operating the humidifier with the cover removed to see where the leak is. Replace the appropriate part. We offer many replacement parts through our parts department at You can also find local contractors through our dealer locator in the upper-right hand corner of our website at They can offer parts and repair services.
This unit was manufactured between 1993 and 2001.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

9 thoughts on “Questions on my Aprilaire model 560 Humidifier

  1. steve mach

    I have a 560 Alpineaire humidifier its getting water I cannot get the manuel thermostat to click is a bad thermostat thats preventing it to run . the fan is on. Thanks.

  2. Nancy

    I have a 560-A Aprilaire Bypass Humidifier.Is it normal for my humidifier water to go on when i have it set at 35% when the outdoor
    temp. is + 20? Why does the water not go on when it’s -20 and i set the manual humidity control at 15%? Thank You, Nancy

  3. Roger Kruse

    I have water hammering when the Aprilaire 560 humidifier shuts off, I’ve just had a new pressure valve installed on the main water line coming in from the street, I also had a pressure tank installed on the house water line at the cold water line of the water heater. Could it be the solenoid that has been damaged from the high pressure(95lbs) before the replacement of the pressure regulator?

  4. Brett Phillips

    Dear Mr. Kruse,
    Thank you for contacting us with regards to your model 560 Humidifier. The water valve and humidifier components are usable up to 120 p.s.i.. The increased pressure may simple be amplifying an issue that was already present before the valve was changed. There are several ways to handle the increased water hammer noise. The first is to have a shock arrestor installed in-line with the ¼” copper tube that feeds water to your humidifier, Aprilaire part #4280 or similar. The other is to replace the copper tube, or a section of it, with steel-braided rubber tubing. This is the flexible, metallic hose you may find under sinks or toilets. It has more give to it and can absorb the impact of the increased water pressure. For any of these changes, we recommend that you consult your installer or other qualified technician.
    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  5. Kevin Tucker

    Hello, I have an Aprilaire 560. For the past few weeks there has been a musty order coming threw my vents when I ran my air conditoning unit. I replaced the water panel filter just now and it seems like the smell is still coming through–for now. Any suggestions?

  6. Roy

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for the question regarding the Aprilaire model 560 humidifier.

    There are a few issues that may be contributing to the musty smell you are experiencing. One of these would be the damper in the bypass duct of the model 560 humidifier. This damper should be closed in the summer (perpendicular to the pipe). This prevents the cool air of the air conditioner from being passed back through the humidifier water panel. Another issue may involve the water flowing through the water panel. If there is water dripping onto the water panel the solenoid valve may not be stopping the water completely; a potential for mold to grow. Another issue may be the accumulation of dust on the air conditioning coil. When the air conditioner is running, any moisture would saturate the dust, creating a suitable environment for smells and mold. Yet another issue may be the duct system in your home. If the duct system is not sealed, the air from the area around the duct, if damp and musty, can be drawn into the duct system and transferred into the rest of the home. All of these issues should be examined by your heating/cooling contractor to resolve the musty smell in your home.

    Thank you for choosing Aprilaire for your home comfort system.

  7. Ann Ebertz

    Where can I get a hard copy of the manual for Aprilair 560 model?
    I know you have it on line, however, I would like the hard copy, while working on the unit.
    Thank You

    1. aprilaireadmin

      Dear Ann,

      Thank you for contacting us with regards to your model 560 Humidifier. While we did manufacture this humidifier, we no longer produce new hard-copy manuals for it. It was discontinued in 2001. Feel free to print any of the manuals you find online for your personal use.
      We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.


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