Humidistat install, horizontal or vertical?

Consumer question:

Can the 4655 Manual Humidistat be installed in either the horizontal or vertical position? That is, is there a prefered mounting position?

Aprilaires’ response:

The orientation of the humidistat is not critical. The placement of the humidistat should allow for ease of access and viewing.

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  1. Ralph Zuckerman

    I had an an Aprilaire 560 that could only raise the humidity to 30%. Your authorized dealer replaced with Aprilaire 600–it also can’t raise the humdity above 30%. I essentially wasted my money and the square footage of my home is 1800. Moreover the digital humidistat reads 16% when the humidity is 30%–it is placed on the return. Please advise what to do to bring the humidity to 35-40% as indicated in your table. Thank you


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