Power, power am I getting power?

Consumer question:

We are quite happy with our unit, but we have a question. When the cover is lifted off to change the filter, the plug is disconnected so the fan, of course is not moving.
But,how can we make sure the unit is getting power? We have never seen the fan blades turn even when we plug the unit in while the cover is off. Shouldn’t we be able to hear the fan turning or feel air coming out of the top of the humidifier? (It’s a model 760.)

I just plugged a fan into the out-let and the fan will not run. The outlet may not be wired correctly. But, please tell us if we should be able to feel air coming out of the unit or hear the fan moter?

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your model 760 humidifier. The model 760 has its own 24 volt transformer built into the unit therefore it has all of its own power. If you would like to see if the fan is working while the cover is on, simply touch the brown leads together while the unit is plugged into a powered outlet. This would complete the 24 volt connection to the relay, turning the fan on and opening the solenoid. This is a low voltage connection so there is no risk of injury. You can perform this test while the furnace is off, this way the sound of the furnace running will not interfere while you are listening for the fan on the 760.

If the fan and solenoid operate the unit is ok. If not, we recommend contacting your installing contractor to come to your home and troubleshoot the unit. However, you have the option to contact our tech support department at 1-800-334-6011 and troubleshoot with one of our technicians. Our tech support department is open Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm CST.

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