Second floor no drain but I WANT a humidifier…

Consumer question:

I am looking to instal a humidifier. I like your 400 series because my furnace is in a closet on the second floor that has no drain. But, I also have no access to the return because it is below the floorboard (plus limited space). I saw you make a self powered 700 series. Do you have a self powered drainless humidifier?

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us regarding our humidifers. Unfortunately we do not have a drainless powered humidifier.
One option you may want to consider is our model 800 steam humidifier. This unit could be installed in a room with a drain / cold water supply and then the steam hose can be extended up to 20′ to enter the supply duct.
A link to information regarding our model 800 is included below:

For a list of local Aprilaire Dealers you can use our dealer locator(link below):

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