I need to replace my Aprilaire 760, but with what?

Consumer question:

I have a 760 that needs to be replaced (for some reason).

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us regarding the replacement for your model 760 humidifier. The replacement for the 760 is the model 700. We recommend having this replacement done by a licensed HVAC contractor. When the units are installed by a licensed contractor it comes with a 5 year warranty on all the parts. If you choose not to use a licensed contractor, you risk voiding our warranty.

If you have any further questions regarding this or any of our products, please feel free to contact our customer service department at your earliest convenience.

17 thoughts on “I need to replace my Aprilaire 760, but with what?

  1. John

    I also need to replace a 760 unit. Is the footprint (dimensions) of the model 700 similar? If so, since the electrical and duct work is already done for the existing unit, why can’t I just simply remove the old on and mount and connect the new one?

  2. Brent Barnett

    I also need to replace a 760 unit. Is the footprint (dimensions) of the model 700 similar? If so, since the electrical and duct work is already done for the existing unit, why can’t I just simply remove the old on and mount and connect the new one?

  3. gregg

    I have a model 760 when i turned it on the water is leaking out the front and alsodown the hose. Do i have to replace the filter or ?

  4. J. Cabiness

    Intent to replace existing model 760
    I have a model 760 (installed 1995) that requires whole unit replacement. My furnace was replaced in 2010 and I assume the cracked and broken mounting is due to heat fatigue.

  5. Rusty

    I see others have requested info about the footprint and wiring when they go to replace the 760 with the 700, but I cannot see your answers. ?? Can I just remove the old 760 and slip the new 700 in using the same cutout, wiring and water feed??

  6. Ron

    Thought my 16-yr old 760 needed replacement when it started making a loud noise. I decided to unplug the unit and dismount the fan housing to examine the fan and motor. Fortunately, the 760 is simplicity itself. I used a Q-tip and grease to lube the motor shaft through the vents in the motor housing and that solved the problem.
    In researching the 760 on the Internet I found an exploded diagram of the entire unit, as well as, many places that carry discounted parts for the 760.
    Replacing the motor (the only moving part) only requires removing 4 screws to separate the housing from the motor mount, removing 4 nuts to release the motor from the mount, loosening 1 lock screw to remove the fan blades from the motor shaft, and 2 spade connectors to disconnect the electrical wires on the motor. 15 to 20 minutes at most and, believe me, I’m an amateur.
    No need to deal with the humidistat, water pad housing, water line and valve, or any electricals, except the 2 spade connectors,
    If you haven’t been replacing the aluminum water pad, the fix may be as simple as replacing a clogged pad (particularly if your water is hard.)

  7. Bob M.

    Aprilaire should have answered everyone’s questions.
    1. The duct opening and water supply for the 700 are identical to the 760.
    2. The wiring is a little different because the older almond color humidifiers have a 24 volt transformer built into the humidifier; therefore, they have their own power. The newer grey color humidifiers require 24 volt power to engage the internal relay which sends the 24 volts to the water solenoid valve and turns on the internal fan. (Found this on Aprilaire’s FAQ, http://www.aprilaire.com/index.php?product=Humidifiers&znfAction=FAQs#10244 .) A 24 volt transformer is included with the 700M, or you may be able to use a 24 volt accessory terminal on your furnace’s block. It’s not a difficult installation, but if you have any doubts, please just have someone help you. It’s not worth wrecking you furnace, your brand new humidifier, or yourself.
    The 700 is still a good unit, made in the USA.

  8. Stacie Kelly

    I am the owner of 3 Aprilaire Model 760 humidifies and have had these units for 15 years. Two of the units are leaking water. I unplugged them, lifted the cover to find the cells are coated with a dark black slim, very disconcerting. These units are monitored and cells/pads are changed every 6 months. One of the units is now just unplugged and not operating. I think its time to change these out and have called my HVAC company to come out. What model do I need to upgrade to? My home is approx 11K square feet, 3 levels.

  9. brad

    Thank you for your question regarding which Aprilaire humidifier model replaces your Aprilaire mode 760. The model’s 700 & 700M replaced the model 760. The plenum opening and water supply line is identical to your model 760. The difference between the 700 & 700M is the 700 includes an automatic digital humidifier control to operate the humidifier, while the 700M includes a manual non-digital humidifier control. The wiring to the 700 & 700M is different than your 760 in that the current models have an external transformer and your 760 had an internal transformer. Your HVAC installer will know the correct way to wire either the 700 or 700M Aprilaire humidifier for your application.

  10. kevin

    Thank you for contacting us. I apologize for the issues you were having with your humidifiers. The 800 steam humidifier is the model that I would recommend for your situation, given the square footage of your home.
    The dark black slime that you experienced is typically the result of excessive humidifier run time and inadequately filtered air. The problem can be resolved by replacing the Water Panel, reducing the setting on the humidistat to 35% or lower and ensuring return air to the furnace is adequately filtered. Supplying the humidifier with hot water is a suggestion we would have for getting the most out of the humidifier also.
    To adequately filter the air, we suggest using a filter with higher performance than the standard fiberglass or hogs hair filter. A high efficiency air cleaner, such as Aprilaire®, is preferable.

  11. Phyllis

    Thank you for contacting Aprilaire.

    The current replacement for the 760 humidifier would be the model 700 humidifier. It has the same foot print. Takes the same size opening. If you would like to find an installer in your area, please go to aprilaire.com and use the dealer locator.

    Thank you.

  12. Brian H

    I recently replaced the 4238 control board on my 760. The humidifier wasn’t running and there were scorch marks on the board near the transformer. To replace the board, I unplugged the unit and lifted the unit off the plastic bracket attached to the furnace housing and removed the fan cover.
    Upon reinstalling the unit, I realized that the only wires running into the control board is the 120v power cord that plugs into a receptacle attached to the furnace.
    I can’t see any wires going to the control board from the manual humidistat or the solenoid. There are some brown wires that run from the humidistat into the furnace (control board?) and to the solenoid and maybe the 120V receptacle.
    Am I to assume that the solenoid and fan are actuated by the humidistat in coordination with the furnace control board? If this is the case, what role does the humidifier control board play?
    Kind Regards

    1. aprilaireadmin

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for the blog entry regarding the 4238 control board.

      The 4238 control board has 8 of the 1/4″ male spade terminals on the circuit board. Two of these connected to the 120 volt power cord, two connected to the black wires connected to the model 760 fan motor, two connected to two yellow wires going to the solenoid valve, and two connected to the two brown wires that connect to the humidistat. The yellow and brown pairs are part of the plastic molex connector. These terminals are clearly marked on the surface of the printed circuit board.

      The humidistat is like a switch, that is “normally open”. Once the humidistat recognizes that it is below set point, the contact will close, and that will complete the circuit. This will allow the 24V to the solenoid valve, and there is a relay that will get energized and get the power from the 120V for the fan motor to operate.

      Please feel free to contact Aprilaire technical support department for additional assistance.

      Technical Support Representative
      Aprilaire – Division of Research Products Corporation
      Call Center hours are M-F, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CDT


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