Humidity please for my 2 story house.

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We have a 2 story home with the humidifier installed on the forced air furnace in the basement. The controls are mounted on the side of the furnace return air ducting in the basement. I assume the control senses the humidity of the basement since that is where the control is mounted and I can not see any remote sensor input. The humdity of the basement is different than the humidity in the bedrooms on the second floor. How does the system sense the humidty upstairs where humdity is needed most in the winter? The basement stays fairly humid all year around. We have the unit set at 7 but still wake up dry and scratchy in the mornings as I believe the unit is controlling to the basement humidity and not to the second floor humidity. Should the control unit be mounted on the 2nd floor so it can sense the second floor humidity level and control to that? If so, can the unit handle the longer control wiring or is there a remote sensor option that can mount on the second floor and still have the control unit in the basement?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us with regards to your model 600 Humidifier. The humidistat for this unit should be locate on your duct work near the furnace. The sensor is actually located inside the duct work on the back of the humidistat. There should be an opening cut into your duct work to accommodate the sensor. The air that’s passing through your duct work will come from all over your house, but unless there are returns in your basement, that air should not affect the sensor.
We do not make remote sensors for our humidistat. Wherever the stat is located, that’s where the air is sensed. With our manual controls that means the air surrounding it. With our automatic controls, it senses the air inside your duct work. Based on the information you provided, your control does not need to be moved.
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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  1. Humidifier Reviews

    Great info and I have always wondered how this worked in a house. Alot of people are faced with the decision of a Whole-Home Humidification vs Portable units but now I know how this works I personally would go for a whole house solution as you have mentioned. They really do work better to deliver the right amount of moisture into your entire house, never too much or too little!

  2. Bob

    I have a model 560 about 14 years old. Works fine but makes a very loud bang when it shuts off. I can’t pinpoint exactly where the noise is


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