How do I get my Aprilaire Model 560 up and running?

Consumer question:

I just bought a house with a model 560 humidifier. After turning it on for the first time, I can see no evidence that it is getting water. I did open the saddle valve, and with the front cover open, I watched as the furnace cycled on and off several times. I know the unit is getting power, as I turn the manual controller I can hear the solenoid "click." Am I missing something?

Aprilaires’ response:

First you will want to make sure the saddle valve is open. All you would need to do is to loosen the fitting where the copper line goes into the solenoid valve. If water starts to come out, that confirms you have water there and the saddle valve is open. The next thing is to note where the humidistat is at when you hear it click. If it is not clicking till the highest number, then it may not operate with the furnace, as it is already detecting the RH level at the maximum that it would create.

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