Will the Aprilaire model 400 provide enough humidity for my 2400 sq ft house?

Consumer question:

Will the Aprilaire model 400 unit adequately humidify my 2400 sq ft home?

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for your email regarding our model 400 Aprilaire humidifier. There are may variables which affect the size home our humidifiers can effectively humidify. The tightness of the home and run time of the heating system will typically determine which model to select. The model 400 is a drain less model which can only add humidity when the heating system is operating. If the heating system has a short run time then the humidifier will as well. The model we typically suggest for heating systems with short run times is the model 600 as it can be wired to run on a fan call provided the humidifier is supplied with hot water. Our recommendation would be to discuss your options with your HVAC installer.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service.

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