Is my Aprilaire Humidistat controller really showing my humidity?

Consumer question:

Hi, my humidifier seems to be installed correctly. All tests passed according to the manual. However, the unit has not kicked on yet. The digital humidistat shows 54% RH on the display when the furnace is running. Could that actually be the humidity level? Somehow it seems high. We just started the heating season and the outside temp is around 45-50 on average right now. Just wondering if this seems normal. I would have thought the air was drier than that in here since the furnace has been running more often..thank you!

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting Aprilaire.

Yes, the 54% you see in the display is the current level of Relative Humidity in your home. It is possible that your RH is that high. Going from high humidity in the summer into the heating season, even though you are heating your home now, it is not running like it would in December or January. Temperatures have been a bit mild so far. Even though we have started heating the homes, we are not running them quite enough yet to bring down the humidity levels enough to really need to create more humidity.

For example, the RH% in my home this morning was 47%. We are in Wisconsin.

As long as the humidifier performed correctly in test mode, it should be just fine when the time comes for it to need to run.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

One thought on “Is my Aprilaire Humidistat controller really showing my humidity?

  1. Roger

    My Aprilaire Humidistat is not very responsive to changes in humidity. With a setting of 40%, it starts our humidifier only when the humidity level reaches 26% or lower. Then it stops our humidifier only when the humidity rises well above 40%. Does it need repair or replacement?


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