Is there a problem with the water solenoid??

Consumer question:

Is there a problem with the water solenoid?? With my furnace and humidifier shut off, water continues to fill the top tray – constantly. Why? Second, I have to turn down water at the saddle valve instead of having the needle valve wide open. Otherwise, the line emits a constant ‘LOUD’ moaning-type sound. Why is THIS condition occurring? How do I correct these two problems??

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your model 440 humidifier. Water should only be flowing through your humidifier when furnace of HVAC fan are running. If water continues to flow without the furnace of fan running, there may be a problem with the solenoid or perhaps the control.

We do not recommend regulating the flow of water at the saddle valve. The sound you are hearing may be water hammer and might be remedied by installing a shock arrester of flexible tubing in the water supply line.

In either case, we recommend contacting an HVAC technician to come to your home and service your unit. The technician will be able to determine which, if any parts that may need replacing to get your unit working properly.

If you have any further questions regarding this or any of our products, please feel free to contact our customer service department at your earliest convenience.

Call center hours are M-F 7am-5pm CST

2 thoughts on “Is there a problem with the water solenoid??

  1. Ray Fulton

    I have an Aprilaire model 560 whole-house humidifier attached to my furnace, and water connected from a saddle valve through a copper tube to the 24 V saddle valve. The saddle valve opens when it is supposed to, but only a small stream of water flows out through the output side, into the black plastic tube, and to the media tray. I removed the water supply copper tube from the inlet, and there is a good stream coming from it. Therefore, the solenoid valve is getting a good water supply but not sending enough water through it to the tray. I removed the solenoid valve inlet filter and tried again, but there seemed to be no change. Since the solenoid valve opens and the water flows OK to the valve, why don’t I get better flow out of the valve and into the tray?

  2. Roy

    Thank you for the question regarding the solenoid Valve on the Aprilaire model 560.

    On the inlet of the solenoid Valve there should be a small conical shaped strainer inside the valve body. This can become obstructed, either partially or completely, which may be one of the causes for the reduced output. The other possible cause may come from a partially obstructed orifice in the plastic feed tube. Both of these issues can be resolved without a great deal of trouble.

    Thank you for using the Aprilaire line of products in your home comfort system.


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