Couple of questions on the model 600 Aprilaire humidifier…

Consumer question:

I purchased the 600(digital) and have 2 questions… 1. Does the manual mode resistor come with this unit in case I cant install the temp sensor outside and 2. Will extending the temp sensor wires with like gauge wiring cause any issues? I have a 20 foot run to get outside and the temp sensor wires are a foot long! Thank you and any tips would be appreciated.

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for your email regarding your interest in our model 600 Aprilaire humidifier. The model 600 humidifier control includes a humidistat which has an on board manual mode resistor. If you decide to use the outdoor sensor you will need to move the manual/auto switch on the humidifier control from manual to auto. This allows the control to use the outdoor sensor instead of the onboard manual resistor. You can extend the outdoor sensor using thermostat wire which is typically 18 gauge. The maximum length you can extend it is 300 feet.

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  1. Kevin

    Thank you for contacting us with your question. Our installation instructions states that you would use low voltage wiring when wiring the control. We recommend using 18 gauge thermostat wires when wiring our thermostats and controls. 22 gauge thermostat wire should work in wiring the control. You may want to test the resistance on the temperature sensor wires to confirm that they match the temperatures we specify for that sensor based on the temperature it is sensing. If the numbers don’t match with the expected resistance, then you would want to use another gauge wire.


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