Which Aprilaire should I go with?

Consumer question:

Of the aprilaire 400 500 or 600,700, etc… which one do you think is right for me?

I have a home that is 2000 sf finished with an additional 1100 sf of basement which is unfinished now but will be in the future.

How do you account for basement in sf of humidification?

Which Aprilaire should I go with?

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting Aprilaire.

Based on the information that you have given us, it looks like the 600 would probably be the best choice. Now, with that said, do you have a lot of wood in your home? Like, wood floors, a lot of wood trim, instruments like a fine guitar or piano? This all would need much moisture in the air to keep them nice. That will make a difference in which unit would be best.

As for the basement…. you may not have it ‘finished’ yet, but the air is exchanging from main floor to basement much that it would through an open window. So, yes, that space will need to be included in configuring your humidifier.

If you do not have the extra wood floors, trim, or instruments, you would be fine with a 600. If you have the extras, you may want to consider going with a steam unit #800. That will guarantee coverage for the wood and comfort of your family.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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