Help me!! I need to replace an old Aprilaire humidifier but I can’t find the same model.

Consumer question:

The old humidifier died a couple of years ago. Did a great job until then. What is today\’s equivalent model number please?

Whole House furnace mount bypass model 302192 is the old one.

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us about your interest in a replacement humidifier. Although the model number you list was not a model number for us I can guess that you had a model 110 based on the age of the unit. The replacement unit would be the 600 or 600M. The difference between the two units would be the dial control for the unit.

The 600M would be closest to what you were using on your old control; a simple 2-wire setup with the % display. The 600 has a newer digital display with an outside temperature sensor that will automatically adjust the humidity level according to the temperature outside.

I would talk to a heating and cooling contractor about either unit for your home. They can assist you further.

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