Is one of the Aprilaire dehumidifiers best for my house?

Consumer question:

I am looking at installing a dehumidifier in our 3300 sqft two story house (currently have one in crawl space) located in southern Maryland. My objective is to keep the house at a higher temperature ~76-77F and lower 45%RH; this way the dehumidifier is running versus the a/c to hopefully reduce electrical costs while maintaining comfort. And I am looking at the 1730A and 1750A and had a few questions and hope you can help me. My questions are:

1. I am currently running a portable Whirlpool 50 pint dehumidifier, and a few ceiling fans on slow and it seems to be keeping the humidity at the set 45%RH throughout the whole house (running most all of the time). I was looking at the 1730A or 1750A and was planning on installing it in a closet on the first floor. The ducting would enter the unit from one room (through closet wall) and exit into another room (through opposite closet wall) in a straight line near the center of the house. Would there be a concern of the closet heating up too much or any other issues? The drain line would go through the floor into the crawl space and be pumped out. (The closet currently has an electric water heater in it that I am removing so I will have a electrical outlet in the closet).

2. Based on literature the 1750A seems to be quieter than the 1730A, is this true, even though the CFM seem to be higher? If there is a foot of ducting at the inlet and a foot of ducting at the outlet would the unit tend to be noisier than if the 10 foot that appeared to be recommended in the literature for proper static pressure?

3. Is this a proper application since I have two a/c units with three controlled zones? I was trying to keep the dehumidifier independent from the a/c but is this a bad idea or not recommended?

4. I have drawing up the installation plan and mechanically everything should install fine. Do you see any issues that I may be missing? Is the 1750A recommended over the 1730A for this application? Is further information needed? Can a controller be hooked up to the unit to be put on the room wall to control the unit from outside the closet?

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for your questions about the Aprilaire dehumidifiers. The questions are very good questions, and I will give you the best answers possible.
For your home in southern Maryland the 1730A would be capable of dehumidifying up to 1800 sqft in a newer home; compared to the 1750A which can dehumidify up to 2600 sqft. The dehumidifiers can operate in ambient conditions up to 105F degrees. With the air flowing through the unit I don’t feel that this would adversely effect the operation of the unit.
As for the noise rating of the equipment yes the 1750A is quieter by 3-4 dba primarily due to the fan configuration. As for the noise level in the shorter duct, you can expect to have wind noise on the shorter runs. Try to have a minimum of 6 feet of duct to attenuate the noise.
Your closet configuration does appear to be appropriate. Piping the drain into the crawl space would be fine into a floor drain or sump crock.
Both dehumidifiers can be used as "whole house" connected to HVAC systems or "stand alone" without connection to HVAC systems. Controls can be connect to remotely operate the dehumidifiers, but in this application I don’t see any advantage to them.
The only additional information that I can suggest is that approximately 18 inches be open around the unit for access to internal components, when the need arises.

Again thank you for considering the Aprilaire line of products.

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