The new guy

Michael HebertHi, I’m Michael Hebert, the new summer marketing intern here at Aprilaire. When I’m not busy loving my new job, getting coffee, and generally sucking up to my superiors, I’ll be helping the marketing department with blogging, other forms of communications, advertisements, and videos.

I’m a student at UW-Madison studying Philosophy and Communications with an emphasis on film. Yes, this does afford me a vast sea of knowledge regarding dehumidifiers, humidifiers, thermostats, air filters, and the like, that’s why I’m at Aprilaire! Just kidding, I’m probably more like you, I’ve got some basic knowledge. I like things such as mold control and I know that there’s a big machine in my house that needs a new air filter everyonce in a while (how often again?!). I guess it’s a start.

It’s good to be aboard the team, and I’m looking forward to learning more and spreading that knowledge. Keep posted!

One thought on “The new guy

  1. Alan Sarapas

    I have a model 60 Aprilaire which is not connected to an outside temperature sensor. Does that mean I have to run it on Manual all the time?

    Also , do I have to run the blower?



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