Looking for a U.S.A. made dehumidifier, Aprilaire has 4!

Consumer question:

I am looking for a new dehumidifier for my basement and want  to
buy a product made in the USA.  Aprilaire seems to be the only company  that
fits the bill. However, it seems you only make one dehumidifier and that is 
a "whole house" model which I would think would be more expensive than the 
small, portable model I am looking to replace the LG model in my basement. 

Aprilaires’ response:

We actually have four models of dehumidifiers.  Please review this brochure that discusses our different models.  It also will help you decide which unit is best for your needs.

To find a dealer near you to assist you with this unit purchase and installation, you may go to aprilaire.com and put your Zip code into the place to "find aprilaire dealer".

10 thoughts on “Looking for a U.S.A. made dehumidifier, Aprilaire has 4!

  1. robin sklar

    hi, i have a30′ by 40′ steel garage; there is no insulation,2 windows, 2 opposite side in the roof peak vents, the floor has a 2 foot 3/4 crusher run rock base covered in blacktop(like a driveway); i live in new york area code 10940. what would you recommend to keep the garage dry please? i want to protect 6 antique cars it stores. thanks for any help! sincerely, robin.

  2. D Benson

    We are looking for a small unit for our basement. We live in the northwest so we do not have the problem other areas of the country have but our basement is cool and somewhat damp so we want a unit just for that area. Please send me some recommendations. We want a product made in the USA.
    Thank you

  3. Megan

    Hello Bill, Yes we have dealers all over the US. Please either provide your zipcode or go to aprilaire.com and use the dealer locator to find someone is your area. Thank you!

  4. Teresa Theesfeld

    I have a Santa Fe dehumidifier in my basement but I am not sure it dehumidifies the 2nd floor. I want to buy a dehumidifier not made in China. Do you have a smaller, portable dehumidifier?


  5. Doug Welch

    Need a good dehumidifier for our craw space of about 1200 sq ft. Can you refer a dealer near zip code 37919 or send me product information.

  6. Philip Owens

    i looked at your web sight but still know nothing about your dehumidifiers there than you make them. No prices, no info ???

    1. aprilaireadmin

      Hello Philip,

      Thank you for contacting us regarding our dehumidifiers. They are all made in the USA, in Wisconsin specifically. I would recommend contacting your local HVAC installer if you wanted to get a quote. We do not sell them directly.


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