Does the blue light on my Aprilaire Model 5000 show the unit is working?

Consumer question:

I assume my aircleaner is working but the little blue light is not on. I will call my furnace man but wanted to email you as well.  Is it necessary that the blue light be on as an indication that the filter is working.  I had my ducts and vents cleaned friday, i believe the blue light was on when we finished but not sure now. please advise.
thank you

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us regarding you model 5000 air cleaner.  When installed properly, the blue light on the model 5000 should be on whenever the HVAC fan is running.  The blue light indicates the electronic components of the 5000 are working properly.  If the blue light does not come on when the HVAC fan is running, we would recommend contacting your installing contractor to come to your home and service the unit.

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