Lover Is No Cat-Lover

I love the comments in this blog

A woman has to get advice to choose between moving in with her boyfriend of 6 months or keeping her cat.  (you see, boyfriend is allergic to cats). The advice is hysterical. One comment says ‘lose the cat, a good man is hard to find’. The other says ‘kitty will be a loyal pet forever but who knows how quick before the boyfriend bolts’. Funny stuff.

Annette, the blogger, and professional advice-giver, (she must be, the blog’s called, ‘Ask Annette’) has more practical advice, including compromises, long term objectives, using high-efficiency filters, etc.

I think she misses on one critical point, though. The woman mentions that the boyfriend doesn’t like cats and is allergic and yet when at her house doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cat. So which is it, boyfriend? If you just don’t like cats, don’t make up this crap about allergies. Or is LYING your idea of a good basis for building on a strong relationship?

Gee, this is so good, I might just comment on Annette’s blog!

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