My house is Very humid, can an Aprilaire 1750 dehumidifier help?

Consumer question:

Have 800 sq. ft. basement area under garage with concrete walls. ceiling and floor. Area is separate from remaining basement. Very humid !! Considering Aprilaire 1750 so later may tie in to house duct system. What accesories are needed so can control in separate area of basement? What other products or suggestions.

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us about your interest in our dehumidifiers. In most situations like yours where you are looking to start with the basement and then add the unit to the existing duct work, we recommend leaving the unit as a stand-alone unit and then add it to the duct work later.

The only things needed for using it as a stand alone unit would a 120V power source and a drain. When you plan on adding this to your duct work you will need to add the proper amount of 8" flex or ridged duct. If you’d like to switch between the basement and whole home, this can be done by adding a damper to the duct work. I’d recommend a HVAC company help you with this.

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