Winter Freezing and Thawing – Those Damn Jams

Last winter my wife and I blew in some additional attic insulation to help reduce two things; 1.  our footprint on the environment and 2. the utility company’s footprint on our checking account;  not necessarily in that order of priority.

We spend a good chunk of the weekend doing this messy, back-breaking job ourselves in order to reduce a 3rd thing;  a contractor’s footprint on the same checking account.

In doing so, we may have created another problem; lack of ventilation in the attic. Last year we had an inordinate amount of freezing and thawing patterns with lots of rain, ice and snow. More than usual, even for Wisconsin. The roof developed huge ice jams. (or ice dams, I’ve never known which was correct. Google finds both).

I’m not completely sure whether the problem is a result of our efforts in the attic. My wife is convinced we improperly covered up the vents in the soffits, which caused the ice jams. Could be.

I do know that many other houses in the area looked as ours did, so there is a possibility that the crazier-than-normal thaw-freeze cycles we experienced made the damn jam phenomenon just that much worse.

Regardless, I’m pretty sure we have another weekend in store for us crawling around on our knees in the attic to find and/or fix the problem.

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