Looking to replace my Aprilaire Model 110.

Consumer question:

I am interested to replace my existing humidifier Aprilaire 110. This humidifier run but no humidity in my house.Valve works properly,fan rotate water flow is o.k. I am planning to install Aprilaire 700M but I may face same problem. Can You recommend which will work with my furnace which has condensing/coil unit installed in the plenum for central air cond.

Aprilaires’ response:

The 700M would be the direct replacement for the 110 humidifier.  If you humidifier is still working, you may not need to replace it. 

Both of these units mentioned can operate independent of the heat call…. giving you more opportunity to create humidity.  Especially if you have upgraded your furnace and it has short run times for heat.  You would just need to run hot water to them, and have the humidistat wired to recognize a fan call, and you can create humidity that way.

4 thoughts on “Looking to replace my Aprilaire Model 110.

  1. Arlen

    Hi I have an old nonworking model 110 in my furnace and I would like change it out to a new model. I guess that would be model 700M. Can you verify this so I can order a replacement ASAP. Thanks

  2. Arlen

    Hi I would like to replace my non working model 110 with a direct size replacement. Can you verify that that all I need to do is purchase the 700M ? Thanks

  3. Kevin

    Thank you for your interest in our 700 humidifier. The dimensional plenum opening for the 110 humidifier is 13 5/8 W x 11 5/16 H and the dimensional plenum opening is 14 3/4 W x 14 5/16 H. You will need to cut the opening a little bigger in each direction. The wiring of the humidifier would be different also. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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