Upgrate Kit for model 2400

I went on the Aprilaire website to order a new air filter. I have model 2400. I looked at the upgrade kit and thought it looked like a much better idea and purchase. I watched the video-it looked easy enough. I checked and double checked to be sure that this upgrade kit would be compatible with my model-every source on this site stated it was definitely compatible. I received my kit today-took apart my filter housing, following along with the video, and this upgrade DOES NOT FIT MY FILTER HOUSING UNIT. The grooves in the metal frame of the upgrade kit do not even come close to fitting the inside of my unit. Ugh……frustrated is not even the word to describe how I feel. It was 5:22 CST and I called customer service to find that they are closed until Monday. So the dirty filter goes back in and I guess I now wait…..

Name: Unfortunately disappointed
City: omaha
State: ne

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  1. megan

    The upgrade number 1413 is designed to fit perfectly into the model 2400 air cleaner. For proper installation, fully remove the inner housing that holds the current filter (#401) along with the pleat spacers. Please discard them. Once the frame work for the upgrade is assembled it will slide directly into the outer housing of the air cleaner. Then it will lock into place and stay. Once that has been placed into the air cleaner, you will then expand the new filter (#413) and slide that into place in the air cleaner.

    Our customer service line is open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday central time. Please contact us as we are happy to help. Thank you!


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