How often are you suppose to change the Aprilair filters

Consumer comment submitted:

How often are you suppose to change the Aprilair filters, I just purchased a house with this system in the attic and need to have information on the changeout and the system in general. Could you please send me a PM manual?

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us.  Depending on the "system" you have, is what would determine how often your filter would need to be changed out.  Typically we recommend changing out your Air Cleaner Filter once a year.  To be able to discuss your system more in depth, we would need to know the model number of your Air Cleaner.  Please contact our Customer Service Department if we may be of further assistance 1-800-334-6011 7-5 central time.


0 thoughts on “How often are you suppose to change the Aprilair filters

  1. M. Grosso

    Please tell me how often I need to replace my furnace air filter?
    I have the model 2400 with the new system kit in place,and the replacement filter #413.
    thank you

  2. Tom Skublics

    I just upgraded my Aprilaire 2400 with the available kit. How often do I need to change the new #413 filter? With the old system, and the old 401 filters, I had been told everything from every 2 years to every 6 months. Please let me know as these newer 413 filters are even more expensive than the 401’s. THANKS.

  3. Ashwin Corattiyil

    I have an Aprilaire Model # 210 filter. Do I need to replace this once a year, or more frequently?

    Thank you.


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