I am looking for a portable dehumidifier because I have FHW heating and cannot use a wholehouse.

Consumer question:

I am looking for a portable because I have FHW heating and cannot use 
a wholehouse. But, according to your discussion of advantages/
disadvantages, even your 1710A would not be recommended. Does your 
portable meet the same standards as your wholehouse? and if so where I 
can I purchase one.

Aprilaires’ response:

Thanks for contacting us about your interest in our dehumidifiers. Our whole home dehumidifiers are best used for home that have the proper duct work. You mention that you have forced hot water heat but you do not mention if you have Air Conditioning and if so what type. If you have forced air cooling, you may be able to use a whole home unit. Can you inform me to your A/C situation?

Our 1710A is our portable unit and we recommend it for situations where you need to dehumidify a certain area without the need of ducting. But with the laws of humidity, it is impossible to allow a dehumidifier to only  a given space and not effect the surrounding area. For instance, if you were to place our 1710A in your lowest level to help with humidity, you would eventually notice a change in the humidity level in the upper levels  because as the air in your lower levels dry out, the humid upper level air will trickle down to the drier parts of the home. This will cause a indirect dehumidification of the whole home. You may notice that the areas furthest from the area being dehumidified  are more humid however.

Hopefully, This gives a little more insight to your decision.

Please let us know if we can help you any further. I’d be happy to assist you.

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