Can I use your upgrade kit with my Model 2250 air cleaner?

Consumer question:

I have an aprilaire 2250 unit installed in my ceiling, I want to change the filter and now see that you offer an upgrade kit for the 2200/2120 – I assume that I cannot upgrade my 2250 thought I would double check before I purchase filter.

Aprilaires’ response:

That is a true statement… you cannot upgrade the 2250 air cleaner.  The other models that are listed for the upgrade are designed to have the filter ‘slide’ out like in a dresser drawer.  On the 2250, you need to pull the inner frame straight up and out.

The upgrade is designed to slide out the side, so we can not use that on the 2250, and we have not created an upgrade for that model as of yet.

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  1. Dan

    My mom’s place has an older (c. 40 years) central A/C system in which the filter is located inside a sheet-metal enclosure next to the evaporator in the attic. It is a pain to change because of the tight access in this small ranch house. On newer systems, the filters are mounted in the air-intake grate inside the house, a hinged grate door making them very easy to change.
    My question is, can I have the intake converted to one in which the filter can be located there, so I can eliminate the attic filter?


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