Which Aprilaire Air Humidifier is right for me?

Consumer question

We have new home just built. Full unfinished basement. 1st and 2nd floors combined are approx 4200 sq feet. However, the 2nd floor is a 2nd zone (heat pump in attic), while 1st floor has all hardwood floors and shares zone with basement (propane gas furnace). We would like to know which Aprilaire Air Humidifier is recommended.

Aprilaires’ response:

 We offer a variety of humidifier that will provide the customer with an optimum level of humidification within the home. These units will allow you comfort during the driest time of the year. In order to determine which humidifier would be best for your particular application, we will need just a few questions answered. We have listed below a couple questions to assist in recommending a proper model(s) for you home:

1. The ceiling height within the home?
2. Is there access to a drain?
3. Is the attic a conditioned attic or is there the possibility of freezing?

We would be glad to further assist you regarding a recommendation for your application. Upon receiving further information regarding your application, we can determine which product would be best for your application. However, the best individual to make the final decision on a product for your application is a Licensed HVAC contractor.  If you could please reply to this email at your earliest convenience, we would be delighted to assist you further.

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