Dry Arizona air in the summer and the winter..Aprilaire can help!

Consumer question submitted to Aprilaire:

My unit is installed outside connected to my heat pump. In need it because of the dry Arizona air (summer or winter). Question: how do I set the humidistat during the summer months? The manual presumes this will be used w/ heat, not A/C. Is there any control that will automatically set the correct RH? It appears that the Model 58 does not work with the 360 humidifier.

Aprilaires’ response:

Thank you for contacting us.  The 58 digital control unfortunately will not operate correctly with the 360 humidifier.  The 58 digital control needs to be installed to the returned duct work to sense properly and also must be wired up to the heating system.  The control is designed to operate during a heat call.
We would recommend using the manual control 4655.  This control can be mounted on the living space wall and is designed to work with the 360 model.  If you are wanting to use the humidifier in the summer months, you can do so when connected to hot water.  Please keep in mind that when you are using your air conditioning, it will work against the humidifier and dehumidify the air.  The manual control 4655 will operate in the summer or the winter months as long as the humidity level in the home is lower than 45% RH.  Please contact our Customer Service Department if we may be of further assistance.

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