Indoor Air In Newer Homes Can Be Unhealthy

The importance of proper ventilation, filtration and humidification in our homes is more important then ever.  The Portland Press Herald takes an interesting look at how new innovations in building materials can sometimes have serious effects on our health.  A good example of this is about 100 years ago asbestos was used in building materials; another example is the use of lead paint.

Most of the innovations and improvements to building materials and process have a significantly positive effect to the comfort and efficiency of modern homes, but on the other hand there can be negative effects too.  New homes are much “tighter” then older homes which means less of the hot or cold air from outside is allowed to get in subsequently reducing energy usage.  On the other hand a negative to this is that the air inside can become highly polluted because there’s no fresh air, so new homes often require mechanical ventilation.

Even the newest homes can be unhealthy.  The best thing to do is educate yourself about indoor air quality and take action to insure your home has proper filtration, ventilation and humidification.  To learn more about IAQ go to and visit the EPA’s website.

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