Do You Have Moisture Problems?

The spring is a prime time for moisture problems in your home.  The snows melting the ground is damp and it seems that somehow that moisture finds it’s way in to pretty much any home.  An excessive humidity in your home can cause a whole multitude of problems ranging from property damage to comfort issues to health issues.  You may not think you have excessive humidity issues, but really anything over 50-60% RH in your home can start to get into the unhealthy range.  See the chart below:

Check out this article from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.  They are heading a healthy house initiative in Cleveland with a focus on moisture problems.  There are problems with moisture problems in both older homes and newer homes.  Older homes often have foundation issues that cause moisture leakage into the basement or crawlspace.  Newer homes are often very air tight, allowing no fresh air to get into the home causing moisture and pollutants to build up.  So no matter if you have a new home or old home, you should be aware of moisture issues.

Controlling moisture is important to a healthy home and an Aprilaire dehumidifier can be a great way to help you ensure your home is healthy.




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