Air Humidifier for a two story house

Question submitted to Aprilaire:

I have a two story house with a model  500 on the second floor and one also on the first floor.  second floor is 2,000 feet and first is 3,000 feet.  My humidity level on the first floor is 31%…what is wrong…I have it set at 45%.

Aprilaires’ response:

Your Aprilaire Model 500 humidifier is designed to operate any time your HVAC furnace is operating. If your furnace is not operating your humidifier can not operate. As a result even though you have your control set to 45% the humidifier can not run unless the furnace is producing heat. We also design all our humidifiers to maintain an indoor relative humidity of 35% whenever the outdoor temperature is 20F or above. Some homes may be able to maintain more than 35% but not every home will be able to.

In addition if you did not have a humidifier prior to January 2010, it will take some time for the humidity level to increase in your home. Prior to the humidity staying in the air, all the wood and furnishings will soak up the humidity. 

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