Ventilation, Humidity and Health

Commented on by Robert F. at 1-6-2010 10:33 PM

My Model 700 just doesn't seem to be doing the job on my 2700 square foot house here in Louisville KY. My furnace man came out yesterday and pronounced it in good working order and observed that he didn't think it would ever get my house to 30% or above with the current outdoor temps of low 20s. Is that true? There is no way to get my humidity up to the proper level with your product? Thanks for any info or help you can provide. PS. 20 year old well insulated house with a new furnace and humidifier and your air cleaner also. No condensation on the windows and I have about 4 different hygrometers working since they all read a little different anyway. They are currently reading in the 20-25 % range.


A model 700 CAN deliver over 30% RH to a home your size and larger.  But there are a ton of factors that may be affecting this. If it's colder than 20, it might be a challenge for the humidifier to maintain above 30%. And even though you say the house is well insulated, since it is 20 years old it may be a bit "looser" than newer homes; perhaps not using the latest insulation and maybe looser windows and/or doors. This could affect the capacity to deliver higher degrees of RH.

Take a look at the info in our owners manual for more info about the settings on the control. You might be able to adjust the setting slightly to increase the RH. 

It might also help to use hot water to flow to the humidifier. Not essential, but it is more efficient to the evaporation process. This,  along with running your blower more often than just when there is a call for heat, will increase vapor through your ductwork.

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  1. David Conorozzo

    I have 2 furnaces in my house. Each supply around 1300 sq. ft. Do I need to have a humidifier put on each furnace, or would it be possible to get a really big unit put in downstairs only?


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