A Brand New Aprilaire Air Cleaner for a Fraction of the Price

Do you have an Aprilaire 2200 or 2400 air cleaner?  If so you’re probably familiar with the Aprilaire 201 and 401 replacement filters.  The 201 and 401 filter is a great product that has been around almost 30 years; many manufacturers have tried to duplicate the performance of the 201 and 401 without much success.  The numerous knock off’s are low quality, which means they have a short life, put stress on your HVAC equipment and don’t capture the amount of particulate as the original.  

Recently Aprilaire came out with an upgrade to the original 201/401 media.  The new MERV 13 media uses new technology that holds more dust, captures nearly twice as much particulate and restricts less airflow throughout its useful life.  We use the new style media in our 2000 and 4000 series air cleaners, but the greatest thing about it is you can upgrade your current Aprilaire Air Cleaner to use the improved media without having to buy a whole new air cleaner.  We have an upgrade kit that slides into your older air cleaner and allows it to accept the new media.  You only need to purchase the kit once and then you just replace the new media just like you did the 201 and 401 filter.  You can get the upgrade from your normal heating and air conditioning contractor; if you are interested in capturing more dust and more particulate out of your homes air just tell your contractor you want to upgrade!  You can even do it yourself it takes about 2 minutes and you don’t need any tools.

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