Indoor Air Quality is Worth the Money

Right now everyone is watching there p’s and q’s when it comes to spending money.  It’s a tough economic time, and determining what’s important to spend money on and what’s not is something every family and company is doing right now. 

One thing most aren’t cutting back on are things like healthy food and regularly scheduled doctor’s visits.  Why?  Well, those things are too important to you and your family’s health.  Instead of buying those fan tail shrimp to put in your stir fry you might be eating chicken instead, but you’re still going to make sure your family is getting plenty of nutritious meals.   The great Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote “The first wealth is health.”  And like the nutritious food you put into your stomach every day the air you put into your lungs each day is just as important. 

So don’t skimp on indoor air quality.  If you’re having a contractor come out to clean and check your equipment have him quote an Aprilaire air cleaner, programmable thermostat and depending on where you live a humidifier or dehumidifier (or in many places both).

Tell your contractor you’re interested in improving the quality of your homes air.  Any good contractor will be able to educate you on what you can do to improve your IAQ.  You can always give our dedicated customer service team a call at 1-800-334-6011 they too can help you decide on what the best IAQ products are for you. 

Aprilaire IAQ products provide clean healthy air to millions of homes across the country.  Is yours one of them?  If you don’t think indoor air quality is an important part of a healthy lifestyle just Google Indoor Air Quality or Indoor Air Pollution there are vast amounts of good credible information out there. 

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