Humidifying Homes with Radiators and Baseboard Heat

Do you long for the comfort and benefits that proper whole-house humidification brings, but didn’t think it was possible because your home has radiators or baseboard heat?  Aprilaire has the solution for you. The Aprilaire Models 350 and 360 humidifiers are designed to humidify your home independent of the heating system.  Designed to easily fit in closets, heated crawl spaces and basements, these self-contained humidifiers are installed out of sight and out of mind, quietly adding moisture to your home, without all the hassles that come with portable humidifiers.  

As with all Aprilaire humidifiers, maintenance is a breeze.  Simply replace the water panel once a year.  That’s it.  Unlike portable humidifiers, there are no tanks to continually fill and clean and no bulky, noisy humidifier consoles sitting in your living space.  Aprilaire has the solution to your humidification needs, regardless of your home’s heating system! 

0 thoughts on “Humidifying Homes with Radiators and Baseboard Heat

  1. Elaine

    I have radiant heat in the floor (water), no basement, and attached garage that is not heated but stays above freezing. I do have an attic but it is unheated. Can I still have a whole house humidifier installed? We need a humidifer badly.

  2. jeff valus

    Installed the 350 in my 2000sqft colonial with instructions from HVAC friend,very disappointed with unit,spent a lot of money on unit and parts hoping this would work only to find out the unit cfm wise is really under powered with not enough water flow.aprilaire I guess never really tested it ,don’t know what to do,can’t afford to switch heating unit to forced hot air,had my hopes up for a while

  3. brad

    Thank you for your feedback regarding your model 350 Aprilaire humidifier. Your model 350 has a feed rate of 6 gallons per hour(GPH) provided the saddled valve is wide open and bringing water to the solenoid valve. The humidifier evaporates .50GPH into the air and the remaining 5.5 gallons are used to flush away mineral deposits left behind from the evaporation process. This would equate to 12 gallons per day if the humidifier ran 24/7. This amount of vapor should be able to effectively humidify a home as large as 2500 square feet(based on 8’ceilings) to a humidity level of 35%, at a room temperature of 70F, anytime the outside temperature is 20F or above. These are the conditions we design our humidifiers for. Your feedback didn’t indicate what level you are able to achieve. We ask for you to please verify the saddle is wide open, if not less humidification will result.


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