Humidify For a Healthy Environment

                                                  My name is Dennie Plomedahl and I am the Dennie PlomedahlProduct Specialist for humidifiers and dehumidifiers for Aprilaire.  As you know, in the cold winter months, the air in your home can become dry to the point that it is unbearable; static shock, hair that stands on end, dry itchy skin, nasal membranes that crack and bleed all become issues.  Enough said, you know what I’m talking about, because we’ve all lived it.  But there is no need to suffer.  Proper humidification prevents all these things from happening and more.  My passion is to spread the word on how proper humidification provides the comfort and protection that everyone needs.  As the father of four, this passion starts at home.  I protect my family and you can protect yours.  The goal of this blog is to make everyone as passionate as I am, to help you understand that you have the right to better health and comfort through proper humidification. 

0 thoughts on “Humidify For a Healthy Environment

  1. Amy

    We have an Aprilaire whole house humidifier with humidistat hooked up to our heating system. This is a new house and our first winter. The house is dry, and our contractor said we should get another humidifier to add moisture. This seems to defeat the purpose of your automatic humidistat. What should we do?

  2. Barry

    We have a whole house aprilaire unit model 560, lots of water is getting dumped on the ground outside (some is leaking back under the house) even when we reduce the flow of water to the unit. Suggestions??? We are not using it at this point.


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