Upon Further Review - IS Online retailer Cleartheairinc.com misleading the consumer? Maybe NOT!

Friday, February 12, 2010 by Tom Ruse
I posted the comments below on Friday and since then,  the kind folks at Cleartheairinc.com have... well.... cleared the air.

They assure me their intentions were never to mislead. I guess I'll never know that for 100% sure,  but I'm ready to give them the benefit of the doubt. After reading of my concerns they immediately took action to modify the language on their site and clarify what the consumer is buying.

I applaud their quick response and willingness to set things right.

Good luck,  and if you're happy purchasing filters for Aprilaire Air Cleaners that are not made by Aprilaire,  Cleartheairinc.com seems like a fair place to trade.


From Friday......

Don't buy from this site if you are interested in receiving the quality of product provided by the original manufacturer! THESE ARE KNOCK-OFFS!
Cleartheairinc.com is misleading you.  It describes knock-off replacement filters as Aprilaire and SpaceGard.  THEY ARE NOT MADE BY APRILAIRE!

The site tries to cleverly describe the filter as "Clear the Air's Aprilaire Spacegard replacement filter". They probably do this so that they could argue that legally they are calling it a "Clear the Air" brand and therefore NOT misleading the consumer into thinking they are buying an Aprilaire brand.

You decide. Take a look.  Would you think you were buying a filter made by Aprilaire or SpaceGard on this page?

They do this with other brands as well.


If you have an Aprilaire or SpaceGard air purifier / air cleaner and you typically replace the flters yourself,  ask an Aprilaire dealer in your area. Often they will sell them to you off the shelf. And they'll be the real deal!

UNLIKE CLEARTHEAIRINC.COM, I'LL BE VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD WITH YOU.  Take a look at the estore on Aprilaire.com , just so you get an idea of what the real thing looks like.

Sure, you can buy them there. But that's not the point. I could care less if you buy from our estore. We're the manufacturer! We get the sale of Aprilaire product regardless of where you buy it. Just go there to see the pictures.  Then you'll know what the real deal looks like. Then. if you want to shop around, you can get them cheaper on other websites or from your local dealer. 

And at least you'll know what you're getting for your dollar.

Comments for Upon Further Review - IS Online retailer Cleartheairinc.com misleading the consumer? Maybe NOT!

Sunday, February 14, 2010 by William Zidek:
Clear the air Inc. clearly states that we are selling replacement filter cartages for Aprilaire Space Gard air cleaners and we are not selling products manufactured by Aprilaire directly. Clear the air Inc. has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and to date have not had a single return related to performance issues. In response to this blog we will review our product descriptions so that there is less confusion and update our site immediately. We would hope in response to our quick action to clarify this matter that Tom Ruse would retract his comments and endorse us as an online retailer with good ethics.

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