We are allergic to Cat, will the Aprilaire Model 5000 EAC help?

Monday, December 19, 2011 by Aprilaire Team
Consumer question:

I recently had the 5000 unit installed. My husband is allergic to our cat which was our reason for getting it. We keep it on the 24 hour continuous cycle because I am under the impression that that is the best cycle for pet allergies. However, the air is very dry and we are both having sinus and dry eye issues since we had it installed last week. Is this common? Is there something we can do or a cycle that would best deal with this issue that would still be affective for his allergies. His allergies have still been acting up even after the 5000 unit was installed so I don't want to turn it down or off too much.

Aprilaires' response:

Thank you for contacting us with regards to your model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner. This unit can certainly remove particles and allergens that are floating around in the air, but you describe a separate issue, as well. Dry sinuses and eyes could be the result of low humidity in the home, common in colder seasons. Most homes will need humidity around 30-45% RH while people may want 30-60% RH. You can use a hygrometer to check the level of humidity in your home. If your symptoms seem to disappear when you steam up the bathroom after a hot shower or in your kitchen when you're boiling water on your stove, this can verify your need for additional humidity throughout your home. Please see our attached brochure for more information.

We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.

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