Keep your Humidifier Running at Peak Performance by following these Annual Maintenance Tips

Thursday, October 18, 2012 by Aprilaire Team

For best performance, we recommend that you replace the Water
Panel evaporator in your Aprilaire humidifier at least annually with
the exception of Models 400 and 400M which should be changed at
least twice per heating season.

The “Change Water Panel” indicator light (Digital Control only) will blink
when it is time to change yourWater Panel. See individual model instructions
for additional maintenance.

To purchase a new Water Panel:

• Visit
• Call the installer of your Aprilaire humidifier.
This information is often found on your equipment.
• Call your heating and air conditioning dealer.
• Use our “Dealer Locator” at:
• Purchase only Genuine Aprilaire Water Panels to maintain performance.

If your humidifier is equipped with a Digital Humidifier Control with Water
Panel change indicator, after replacing the Water Panel, turn the control
knob to the “Test/Reset” position until the “Humidifier On” light blinks to
reset its timer. (Blower must be operating and HVAC calling for heat.) Be sure
to turn the control knob back to it’s original setting. If the “Humidifier On”
light continues to blink, your humidifier is in Test mode. DO NOT LEAVE THE

Also review the periodic preventavtive maintenance in the owners manual.

Comments for Keep your Humidifier Running at Peak Performance by following these Annual Maintenance Tips

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 by Les Zuckerman:
The tens digit on my humidity dispaluy is broken, the number odesnt read clearly any more... is that something to worry about/

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 by Jerry Leone:
My Aprilaire humidifier overflows at least once each heating season.
I change the water panel monthly but sooner or later water stops glowing thru a panel & ends up on the floor. I have water alarms in catch basin below but still a mess. Any ideas about how to avoid this?
Monday, October 29, 2012 by Aaron:
That certainly sounds like a unpleasant issue. I would have a number of questions related to how the humidifier is operating. Is the humidifier running on a fan only? Are you using hot or cold water?
If the unit is running on fan only with cold water then that could be causing the filter to fill with precipitate faster, due to extended run times.

Otherwise I would check the distribution tray (at the top of the water panel) to make sure that the spray granular coating or fabric insert is intact and that there is nothing obstructing the “V” notches in the tublets that the water flows down.
Similarly, I would check to make sure that the orifice (Located inside the water feed tube where it meets the solenoid valve) is present and has not widened. If it has or is missing it should be easy to replace.
For more detailed troubleshooting I would recommend contacting our customer service at 800-334-6011 7am-5pm CST (M-F)
Monday, October 29, 2012 by Brad:
Dear Mr. Zuckerman,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding your humidifier control. If any of the digits are missing or incomplete you will want to replace the humidifier control. Please contact your HVAC installer to obtain a replacement humidifier control

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of assistance.
Monday, December 17, 2012 by Steve :
These are good tips to maintain your humidifier. I have recently avail services from and pretty much satisfied.

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