Now is the Time to Maintain Your Humidifier

Monday, October 12, 2009 by Dennie Plomedahl

Comment from Denise
It's time for me to replace the filters on my Aprilaire humidifiers.  Please contact me with information on how to do that.  Thank you.

Hi Denise,
The filters you refer to are called water panel evaporators and they are the heart of an Aprilaire humidifier.  This is where the moisture is picked up by the air in your heating system, and from there is distributed throughout your home.  To maintain optimum humidifier performance, it is recommended that you change this item on an annual basis.

The best way to have your humidifier properly serviced is by your local Aprilaire dealer.  Your local dealer will have the expertise to not only change out the water panel evaporator, but also to check other critical aspects of the humidifier to ensure it performs properly this upcoming heating season. 

If you feel you can do it yourself, you can still purchase the water panel evaporator over
the counter from your local Aprilaire dealer.  If you don't have a dealer, you can purchase from the Aprilaire e-store.  All orders ship out same day for your convenience.

Thank you for your inquiry, Denise.  And thank you for supporting Aprilaire.


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