Dehumidifier Sized to Meet Your Needs

Thursday, July 30, 2009 by Dennie Plomedahl

Do you long for the benefits of whole-house dehumidification, but never thought it was possible because your home or condominium is too small to accommodate the physical size of the unit?  Thanks to Apirilaire and the new Model 1730A dehumidifier, you too can enjoy the comfort and protection that proper levels of humidity have to offer.

Compact size is the key
With cabinet dimensions of 12.5" x 14.5" x 22", the Aprilaire 1730A can fit in most small equipment closets and attic scuttles.  This enables your Aprilaire dealer to easily install this Energy Star rated dehumidifier in most applications.  And, because it's Energy Star rated, you can be assured your Aprilaire dehumidifier is not only dependable, but energy efficient as well.

Protect your home or condominium from mold and mildew and enjoy increased comfort by installing an Aprilaire dehumidifier.  Call your Aprilaire dealer and schedule your installation today!

Aprilaire - protecting your home and increasing your comfort for over 50 years.


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