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Tuesday, January 20, 2009 by Dennie Plomedahl

Why aren't the error codes listed so we can troubleshoot stuff ourselves?  Or where can I find them?  Please help!
The error codes are listed in the Digital Humidifier Control "Safety and Installation Instructions" booklet.  Your dealer should have left this with your other humidifier literature.  If not, the error codes are as follows:

E1 - RH sensor failure, replace the control
E2 - Control Knob failure, replace the control
E3 - ODT circuit failure, after ensuring that all wire connections are intact and terminal connections are tight, replace outdoor temperature sensor if installed in automatic or, if installed in manual mode, replace the manual mode resistor
E4 - Indicates a communication error between the humidifier control and an Aprilaire 8570 thermostat.  You will only have this code if you have this thermostat.  A dealer would have to determine the cause of the error code.

I hope this helps.  Thanks for buying Aprilaire!

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