Aprilaire - Your Whole-House Solution to Dry Air

Thursday, February 18, 2010 by Dennie Plomedahl

This winter's unseasonably cold weather has caused all of us to spend a lot more time indoors  than we are used to.  The only time most of us have ventured outside has been to clear the  driveway of the piles of white stuff that every state except Hawaii has been blessed with.  This extra time indoors has led many of us to ponder the quality of air in our homes, qualities including dust, temperature, and, in particular, humidity.  Lack of proper levels of humidity are immediately apparent in dry, itchy skin, static shock, dry and cracked nasal passages, irritated throats and more.

Aprilaire is the solution for dry air
Aprilaire whole-house humidifiers provide soothing, humidified air to every room of your home.  It conveniently mounts to your home’s HVAC system, operating quietly, out of sight and out of mind.  Except for the dramatic increase in comfort and health, you'll never even know it's there.  Aprilaire humidifiers are also known for ease of maintenance.  There are no tanks to fill or clean.  Simply change the water panel evaporator once a year to keep your humidifier operating efficiently and trouble-free.

Contact your Aprilaire dealer and schedule the installation of your whole-house humidifier today.  Your contractor can recommend the Aprilaire model that is right for you and also recommend other Aprilaire whole-house products that can improve your health and comfort.

Aprilaire - fresh ideas for indoor air.

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