New unit not working

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 by Customers Sharing Stories
I just had a new Aprilair 800 installed with my new heater & airconditioner. The red light is on all the time indicating a problem. The installer has been working on the problem but with no success. He has added salt as the rep suggested but still a red light. Also the solenoid valve is causing a water hammer that is heard throughout the house. What can be done with this? My clothes washer and dishwasher have solenoids but do not cause a water hammer, this is very annoying. I paid good money for this unit and am completely upset with it. What can be done to rectify the problems. They now want to move the water supply to the incoming line from my well which would be in the garage but I am concerned that this will freeze since I have had my water lines in the garage freeze at times.

Please send me a reply.


Name: Ken
City: Gardnerville
State: NV

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 by Aprilaire:
Dear Ken,
Thank you for contacting us with regards to your model 800 Steam Humidifier. If the red light that you're seeing is the Service light, the 800 is detecting an over-current fault. Adding salt will only worsen the situation. The cause can either be due to high water conductivity or a fault in the internal wiring. We recommend that you have your installer contact our technical support at the phone number below. For water hammer issues, we recommend installing a 4280 Shock Arrestor. It's like the shocks on your car, but it goes in-line with the water line feeding the humidifier to absorb sudden pressure changes in the water line that lead to water hammer.
We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.
Friday, December 30, 2011 by Alan F:
I had same problem with 1/4 inch copper supply line. I replaced it with a 5 foot long 3/8 diameter flexible dishwasher line from Lowes (watts floodsafe-has an orifice in it). I left a short section of the copper into the Aprilaire unit. Not only did it solve the water hammer, it mostly eliminated the filling noise. Cheaper than a shock arrestor.

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