Whole home air cleaner...I need one!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 by Justin Randall


I have to admit, when I started working here at Aprilaire just over 10 months ago, I didn’t even know what a whole home air cleaner  was.  Of course, I knew about that skinny little filter in my furnace that you can literally watch the nightly news through.  You know what I’m talking about that so called “air purifier” that is supposed to be changed every month—does anybody actually change their furnace filter every month?  I was also aware of portable air cleaners since I had one sitting right in the middle of my living room.  (In the interest of full-disclosure it happened to be an Ionic Breeze.)

I think it was my second day here at Aprilaire when we began training on the Aprilaire High Efficiency Air Cleaner product line.  That’s when I realized that the 1” furnace filter connected to my HVAC system wasn’t worth its weight in lead and my portable air purifier was really nothing more then a false sense of security. 

I remember saying to our corporate trainer “This is a no-brainer.  Everyone needs to have a whole home air cleaner.  I just wish I had known about them before now."  His response really hit home with me, he said "Being that your in marketing you have the opportunity to help others like yourself.  You can educate people so they don't have to live with poor indoor air quality."

And that folks is the challenge Aprilaire faces on a daily basis.  How can we let more people, who care about their family’s health, comfort, and overall indoor air quality recognize that they need a high efficiency whole home air cleaner--preferably an Aprilaire:-)  We know people are aware of the importance of clean indoor air, but they just don’t know the best means to get there.  Aprilaire is doing everything we can to get the word out…we’ve even teamed up with doctors to communicate the health benefits and importance of clean indoor air.

Thankfully for everyone, the importance of Indoor Air Quality has gained more and more attention in recent years.  The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industry research firm, recently announced that due to consumers’ growing concerns over indoor air quality, demand for whole house air cleaners is expected to increase.

So if you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to improve the health, comfort and sustainability of your home look into an Aprilaire high efficiency whole home air cleaner.  You can find an Aprilaire dealer in your area here   In the meantime check out this article from the Farmers Almanac; they offer some other easy ways to reduce indoor air pollution.


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